7 April 2014

Symbiosis Book Vid/Flora & Fauna

The Symbiosis Book: The Full Story Huge thanks to Dr M @ UoR for making us this video telling the story of the Symbiosis Book and its creation. Check out Dr M and his blog here.

In other news: Those of you lucky enough to be stateside near Seattle can see Michelle Anderst's work in 

4 April 2014

The Move Up Project

We'd like to say a special thank you to members of The Move Up Project at The Rising Sun Arts Centre. The Move Up Project is a new daytime, learning, creative activities project for people with learning disabilities. The project is run by people with learning disabilities who make decisions regarding programming, help to manage and deliver activities themselves and do marketing work for the project. The Move Up Project was very pleased to be participating in Imagining Science's Symbiosis exhibition, and we really enjoyed drawing with them! The group also made two lichen sculptures which were exhibited at the show, and have a page in The Symbiosis Book.

27 March 2014

Symbiosis Catalogue and Thanks #1

Thank you so much to everyone who made our Symbiosis events at Battle Library and our exhibition at the Rising Sun Arts Centre so much fun this past couple of weeks, and to everyone who purchased artwork in aid of Brain Tumour Research! You can download the Symbiosis Catalogue here and contact us here for details on how to purchase catalogue items by donation to Brain Tumour Research - stay tuned for exhibition photos and a story about The Move Up Project at the Rising Sun!

Symbiosis Catalogue by Immy-is-Thinking on deviantART

13 March 2014

Why are we fundraising for Brain Tumour Research?

Long-time followers may remember that at last year's group exhibition we were raising money for Brain Tumour Research, and are doing so again this year at The Symbiosis Exhibition which starts on Saturday 15th March at The Rising Sun Arts Centre. So we thought we should answer the question - why?

Symbiosis postcards - available in aid of Brain Tumour Research at the Symbiosis exhibition

11 March 2014

Just a few days until Symbiosis goes live!

Saturday 15 March sees us kick-off for Symbiosis Project Exhibition at Rising Sun Arts Centre for Reading Science Week 2014! The Symbiosis book will be there, fresh from Herbarium RNG, we'll be fundraising for Brain Tumour Research, and you can join us in a continuous collaborative lichen drawing! Its been an epic journey with artwork, book pages, and sometimes Immy Smith all travelling thousands of miles to come together.

We don't want to give too much away - you'll have to come and visit the exhibition to see what's in the book! But here's a sneak peek at some of

12 February 2014

Pages United...

The Symbiosis Book: Current Journey Stats

Status: Pages 1-26 ready for binding, UK
Current leg: Pages 27-30 in transit to UK from Oklahoma City, USA
Distance travelled so far: 8253 Miles

The Symbiosis Book pages have nearly all completed their journeys, hitch-hiking their way across the Atlantic and around the world thanks to our amazing collaborators. If we account for pieces travelling from guest artists in US, Mexico and the Netherlands, its amazing how far the many small individual components have come. Using mass postal services and local components where possible,

1 February 2014

Michelle Anderst's Mini Pollen Worlds

New Artwork at The Sweet Spot Sugaring Studio
February and March
Artist's reception takes place Friday, Feb 7th from 6-9pm during Fremont's art walk. 3507 Evanston Ave N, Seattle 98103, USA

'It's time to present a sneak peak of my newest creations! I have included a number of new wood panel paintings alongside work which has not yet been shown in Seattle. From mini gouache pollen and mushroom vignettes to snail habitats, my paintings are taking the shape of little islands and worlds which are life forms in of themselves or environments conducive to the emergence of a new fantastical species. I would be honored with your presence at my little show!'
 - Michelle Anderst
"It would be possible to describe everything scientifically, but it would make no sense; it would be without meaning, as if you described a Beethoven symphony as a variation of wave pressure".   ~Albert Einstein 

For more, go to michelleanderst.tumblr.com
Now accepting presell payments. To purchase work before or during the show email anderstart@gmail.com

25 January 2014

Ivilina Kouneva; fleeting figures and the observer effect

Ivilina Kouneva is a Bulgarian-born artist who is currently part of Reading's Open Hand Open Space studio community. Her work is fluid and alive with colour, full of seemingly moving figures, who appear and disappear, depending on the position and angle of the observer. Three of Ivilina's large mixed media works on canvas are shown below, and I hope illustrate this effect.

[no title]

Scientifically, the words 'observer effect' may refer to several different phenomena, but in general refers to changes in an observed system brought about by the act of observation. I like to imagine to myself that in some way the figures in Ivilina's works are fleeting, subject to their own form of observer effect...

'In Between Realities'

...Or perhaps the act of observing them changes our perception.

“The observer, when he seems to himself to be observing a stone, is really, if physics is to be believed, observing the effects of the stone upon himself.” - Bertrand Russell

'Through places and spaces I'

15 January 2014

A Book of the Road

The Symbiosis Book: Current Journey Stats

Status: Pages 1-20 in Knoxville USA, 21-26 in RNG Herbarium, UK
Current leg: Pages 27-30 in transit to Oklahoma City, USA
Distance travelled so far: 4186 Miles

We are all a hive of activity as the book gathers pace. In addition to dyeing and drawing and cutting, experiments in the Herbarium have lead to selection of methods to press and include lichen samples in the book in a (relatively) sturdy way (well, a way that survived bending and twisting at the hands of a curator!)

'Symbiosis #038-45: ACEO Poetry' - Immy Smith and Scott Mantooth

14 January 2014

Collaborators: Sarah Hearn

Sarah Hearn is a visual artist from Oklahoma City USA, inspired by the natural worlds - above, in between and below. Her work explores many scientific theories through art, and her projects and installations are often participatory, including her own symbiotic projects in addition to Imagining Science. You can catch her upcoming lichenological works in Art Now @ Oklahoma Contemporary 21st Jan - 8 Feb 2014 and weather-themed work at Seven Arts Gallery in Ridgefield, CT 8th Feb - 16th March 2014

Mammatus Clouds, from Weather Observations digital fresco, 6” x 12”, 2013, Sarah Hearn

Cirrocumulus with Harvest Moon, from Weather Observations, digital fresco, 6” x 12”, 2013, Sarah Hearn
Find out more about some of the lichens in the project by following our guest blogs at herbarium blogs here